S&S Cycle

Super Sidewinder Plus Service Manual

super sidewinder

Part Number 61-1000

 This is the very first edition of the long awaited S&S Cycle service manual. It covers the 111cubic inch,117cubic inch, and the 124 cubic inch Super Sidewinder motor.

    This book has everything you need to know to completely rebuild your 4 – 1/8 inch bore S&S Engine.  Also it has chapters on the fuel injection and carburetor. With step by step instructions, extra tips to keep performance at its best. S&S has the new “Intelligent Spark Technology” ignition system available with newer engines and it is also included in this great manual. You won’t find this book at your local Harley shop. 10 Chapters in all with 136 pages including a tool section. This manual provides all the technical specifications, procedures, and information you need to keep your S&S Cycle engine performing at its best. Plus some time saving tips from the technicians at S&S Cycle Inc.